The California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) Safety Assessment Program (SAP)

$50 per person for 5 pdh’s.

SEAM will host a site for a webinar sponsored by NCSEA at the Seasons Event and Conference Center (formerly Verrillo’s) on Friday May 18.

Beverages and a light lunch will be provided.

Don’t be misled by the brochure as those times are Central time. The first session begins at 11 am and the last ends at 5:15 pm.

For more information check out this site:
Registration on site will start at 10:30, and includes a photo to be taken by Helen Watts of each attendee to be sent to SAP for their registry of available responders. The training will start at 11:00 a.m., and is in three sections with short breaks in between, ending at 5:15 p.m. Helen Watts will be the SAP Proctor.
The student manual, the SAP CEU form, and the SAP registration form will be distributed. The ATC 20-1 pdf is available online and 7 pages. The ATC 45 is available free as a pdf online as is the ATC 45. The ATC 45 is 140 pages but is available for $27 in printed form.

To reserve your spot, contact Mark Gray at Send in your check or pay at the door. More contact info at the bottom of this note.

May 18 | Training for Post-Disaster Assessment

This California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) Safety Assessment Program (SAP), presented by NCSEA, is one of only two post-disaster assessment programs that will be compliant with the requirements of the forthcoming Federal Resource Typing Standards for engineer emergency responders.* The program consists of three webinar segments held over one day’s time.

The schedule below is for CST:
10:00 a.m. Sign in and complete registration forms
10:15 a.m. Introduction: SEER, US&R Engineering/Response,
and Proposed FEMA Credentialing Requirements
10:45 a.m. 15-minute break

Webinar I
11:00 a.m. Unit 1: Safety Assessment Program Overview
12:00 p.m. Unit 2: Safety Assessment Process and Procedures
1:00 p.m. 30-minute break

Webinar II
1:30 p.m. Unit 3: Building Evaluations
2:00 p.m. Unit 4: Safety Assessment Exercise
3:15 p.m. 15-minute break

Webinar III
3:15 p.m. Unit 5: Lifeline Systems and Facilities
3:35 p.m. Unit 6: Non-Earthquake Hazards
3:55 p.m. Unit 7: Field Safety

4:15 p.m. Class Adjourns

Speaker Bio

Jim C. Barnes, P.E. is an Associate Civil Engineer in the Recovery Division of the California Emergency Management Agency, or Cal EMA (formerly known as the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, or OES). He has worked for the agency for 19 years, serving in the Public Assistance, Planning, and Technical Assistance Programs Branches during that time. He is currently the lead statewide coordinator of the Safety Assessment Program.

Mr. Barnes has been with the Safety Assessment Program since 2002, and has instructed well over 100 Safety Assessment-related classes. He also assists with engineering-related issues pertaining to rebuilding after disasters, and with the statewide Preliminary Damage Assessment efforts. Mr. Barnes worked in construction-related design in California and Hawaii prior to starting at OES in 1993.


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